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As poker professionals, we understand the importance of comprehensive, convenient support. We all earn our money at the poker tables, so we understand how crucial it is to make the GTO learning process as simple and effective as possible.
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Deepsolver Comparison versusSolvers

Thanks to the use of neural networks during the solving process and cloud computing, Deepsolver is the first tool of its kind to offer both unprecedented solving speed and convenience. Solve even complex decision trees in seconds wherever and whenever you want. No need for expensive servers and high-end hardware. Lightning-fast, easily accesible and designed to simplify the learning process - welcome to Deepsolver.

other GTO Solvers
Flop Calculation Time * > 10s minutes-hours
Solving Accuracy ** 0.59% up to 0.1%
Solving algorithm CFR+Neural Networks CFR
Advanced Hand Locking
Live 360 GTO Trainer
Preflop GTO Ranges Library
100% Cloud-Based Solver
Lifetime Cloud Access to Calculation History
Web App, easy access from any place

* Medium to Large decision trees

** Mean exploitability benchmarked on 430 various trees after 1k iterations of deepsolver

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✓ No credit card required.
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Take your game to another level with the first Next-Generation Nash-Equilibrium Poker Solver. Utilize the power of cutting-edge technology and sharpen your edge over the opposition.

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✓ No credit card required.
✓ 7-day free trial.

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Deepsolver is founded and imagined by professional poker players, who brought out together a team of developers, AI engineers, data scientists and designers to redefine the experience of poker solvers. To change the game.

That claim and promise extend to the quality of service and support, your data privacy and safety as well as technical support and development commitment. We are here for the long term game.

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