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Join the Next-Generation Revolution and team up with Deepsolver, the new Golden Standard on the poker tools market. With a fast ever-growing user base and new features introduced every week your audience will be switching to Deepsolver soon - if they didn't already. Don't miss out on the Poker Revolution.

Licensed Coach

As a Licenced Coach, you will be working directly with our PRO users and support them on the poker learning path. Take advantage of our user base, market to the right audience and deliver exclusive webinars, sessions, or articles to generate more income from your poker expertise.

Content Creator

Build your influencer reputation, reach new audiences and help us build the most vibrant GTO community out there. Earn money through Affiliate Program, deliver high-quality content, paid 1-on-1 sessions and take advantage of our marketing and cross-promotion potential. Let's make some noise.

Community Tutor

Chosen from active Discord community

Earn Free Subscriptions, Calculations and GTO Trainer. Support our users in their everyday work in app - especially through our Discord Tribe and social networks. Work with the best poker app out there, advance through ranks, meet other poker pros and create your own professional brand in the business of poker.

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Check out what can you gain by partnering with the first of New-Generation Poker Solvers. We take good care of our users and Partners - see for yourself the full scope of benefits, get in touch and join the Poker Revolution.

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founded background

Imagined by Pros
Designed for Pros

Deepsolver is founded and imagined by professional poker players, who brought out together a team of developers, AI engineers, data scientists and designers to redefine the experience of poker solvers. To change the game.

That claim and promise extend to the quality of service and support, your data privacy and safety as well as technical support and development commitment. We are here for the long term game.

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