Let's keep the games
clean. Together.


What we do to help keep the games clean

Co-op with Poker Rooms
When we launched our app we made sure to notify all major poker rooms. We have also expressed willingness to cooperate and provide information to rooms if a player is investigated.
Fair play check
The poker community often did a wonderful job exposing cheating scandals. We created an easy to use tool so that you can get full transparency from our side.
We consistently monitor how the app is used
We keep a close eye on our app and patterns of use. Suspicious activity is flagged and investigated.

We love poker, want to keep the games clean and will do whatever we can to help with that.

Many of us are former professional players so we at Deepsolver fully understand the growing concerns over the assisted use of solvers during online play. We also absolutely understand the worries of the poker community whenever new software comes out that offers fast solutions. We treat these matters seriously and have given a lot of thought into how to best counteract such activities.
Our solver, while the fastest in the world, is an inconvenient tool for instant assistance. For each street before you type the parameters and see the results at least half a minute will pass. Furthermore, every Deepsolver solution that is calculated is stored on our servers forever (there is no other way to use our solver). This makes cross-referencing dates, times, decisions and sizings of online hand histories easy to do and can be serious proof in a case.

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