Next-Generation Poker Solver: Definition


We often call deepsolver as Next-Generation Poker Solver. We claim unprecedented speed, freedom and professional support at every step of the way. It's the first of its kind, so it is really up to us to coin the term and its meaning. In this article, we would like to explain how we define 'Next-Generation', what our basic requirements are and share some thoughts for the future with you.

No Hardware Requirements

Next-Gen Solvers do not require from users any hardware other than PC or laptop to access browser and internet connection. Times of private, $30k servers are long gone. Long live Digital Cloud, Long live the Digital King!

No Downloads

Next-Generation poker tools are browser / cloud operated, with no need for software download or any configuration. Simple yet powerful plug & play solutions are what Next-Gen is all about.

Results in seconds

With the power of Digital Cloud and the Next-Generation Poker Solvers we are able to deliver results to your screen in seconds - not minutes or hours, like previous generation tools did. We all earn our money at the poker tables, not during post-game analysis - it's our goal to make the GTO learning process as effective as possible and save your time to help you raise your hourly rate to the roof.

What is our goal

We created and developed Next-Generation Poker Solver, solving flop situations with exploitability index running down <0.5% of Nash Distance in seconds. To deliver unprecedented speed and freedom to our users, we run calculations in the Digital Cloud, meaning you can learn GTO Strategy at any time, at any place, and on any PC-class device with internet access. No need to invest in expensive server infrastructure and life-long licenses on the tools you haven't had a chance to test yet.

This is what we set up to do and this is what we do. If you'd like to aid us in that mission, join our Deepsolver Tribe at Discord or write at