What is a Poker Solver?


Over the years, different poker software have helped players get better at playing poker. Tools like equity calculators, poker HUD or range analyzers slowly changed how we all play poker and think about the game. However, arguably, no other invention has helped to develop the poker game as much as poker solvers.

Poker players got way more efficient tools than wrenches

Why are poker solvers such a big deal?

If you are playing poker and are interested in getting better at the game, there's literally zero chance that you have not heard about poker solvers. Solvers are the most discussed poker software right now, and rightfully so. What's the reasoning behind it?

Solvers provide strategies that are mathematically proven to be unexploitable. Such strategies follow the game theory optimal concept (called GTO), which is all about playing as well as possible at any given game. Despite limitations caused by the complexity of the game, GTO poker strategy has already been found for many common situations at the poker table.

Does it mean that the game of poker has been "solved"? No, it does mean that, thanks to powerful tools like poker solvers, we can craft strategies very tough to combat by our opponents. Such strategies are especially handy in online games, as online poker is changing and adapting faster than its live counterpart.

If you want to find out more about the game theory optimal and its practical implications, read "What is GTO?"

Poker, as a game of incomplete information, is more complicated than chess

There's some caveat to almost every poker solver, though

Their great power comes with great responsibility. Or, on a more serious note, great requirements. Unluckily, most solvers are not overly accessible poker tools to use. To take real advantage of poker solver's features, you'll have to work with them a fair amount. However, rest assured, it will pay off at the poker table.

For starters, every poker solver needs a lot of user input to provide you with the optimal strategy based on GTO solutions. Here's how this poker software usually works.

As with almost any poker-related learning process, the work with poker solvers starts with preflop ranges. They are a vital part of any hand, and the time spent on setting them up is crucial. Sloppy preflop ranges will hurt the results of the later calculations and may render them useless, causing more harm than good to your game.

Adjusting preflop ranges may be tedious, however, once you've done it, you can save them and use them again in the future.

Functionalities like preflop range finder can save a lot of your time!

GTO strategy is different for different scenarios

Next comes setting up a board you are interested in and stack sizes of the hand. Especially the latter is essential. The bigger the stacks are, the more complex may the game tree be. While tournament hands are usually easy and fast to calculate, the cash games hands (where the stacks are generally 100 big blinds or more) require a lot of computing power and time for a solver to devise the optimal strategy.

The last, but by any means not least, factor to consider are available bet sizes. GTO poker solvers allow you to set a few different sizings at any given street of the hand. However, more sizings also equal more time and power needed to develop a strategy based on GTO.

Luckily, the solver can usually come up with a simple strategy, based on one or two sizings, that has a similar expected value to one with three or more.

So what's the result of combining the preflop ranges, particular board, stack sizes and various bet sizings? The optimal strategy to play on that specific board; optimal meaning you are guaranteed not to lose while using it. Of course, even the best veteran online poker players have difficulties replicating the solver's strategy in real life, but that's perfectly normal.

In most cases, the solver output should be a guideline to its users, which helps them to understand how specific boards should be played in certain situations. It requires some time, but after many repetitions, with the solver's help, you'll have a general idea of how to proceed in most common situations. What's even better, if you know how the game should be played, it'll be easier to come up with an exploitative strategy against your current opponents.

Poker training based on solvers gives you a chance to become way better than most poker players. However, to do so, you'll have to take full advantage of the time spent with these powerful poker tools.

Honing your poker skills has never been easier

Not all poker solvers were created equal

So far, we've only scratched the tip of an iceberg. Still we hope it's now clear that nowadays, poker solver is an absolutely crucial part of any solid poker training. Luckily, the constant development of technology allowed more powerful tools to arise.

Deepsolver is such a tool.

Our solver provides GTO solutions in a matter of seconds, whether we talk tournament or cash games hands. All of that in the form of a web app, with all the calculations done in a cloud. Sounds too good to be true?

See it for yourself. As poker players, we know what poker software should look like. With Deepsolver, you'll be able to find and plug leaks in your game that you might not have even been aware of.

Deepsolver provides GTO strategies for serious players. Become one of them!