360o GTO Trainer

With our GTO Training Mode, you are able to set up custom boards, ranges, pots, stacks and any scenario you want.
Train against the best player in the world (our AI) and crush your stakes with ease.
Deepsolver gives you unlimited freedom to learn and explore the depth of GTO Strategy.


Advanced Analytics

Learn fast, learn easy and most of all - learn how to win - with our advanced Analytics and Visualisation modules. Until now mastering GTO Strategy was often based on hard learning, detailed hand analysis and reverse engineering of the process. Not any more. You'll get your results in easy to understand format, with powerful graphs and charts that are easy to learn.

advnaced analytics
Exploit your opposition

Hand Locking

As a poker pro, you probably have some solid reads on your regular opposition. In order to advance through stakes, you must crush your regular opposition first.

With Deepsolver you can lock your Villain range - as you know their personal tendencies - and prepare optimal counterstrategies for any opposition at any level. Poker is a game of thin margins. Raise yours with Next-Generation Poker Solver.


GTO Range Library

You might spend your time - and your hourly - creating your own, custom ranges. You can buy them from vendors at a heavy price. Or just get GTO Ranges with one simple click.

Do you want to find out how things would play out with a different set of ranges? With Deepsolver you are just one click away!

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One-Click Smart
Tree Builder

Building game trees never been easier! All you need is one click and we're ready to go. We build our trees fast, we build them effortlessly, we build them in Digital Cloud and most of all - we build them smart! Our AI is working 24/7 to choose the right sizings and guarantee the highest possible EV of your strategies.

If you need full control over your trees or you'd like to input specific bet sizings you can use our custom mode where you can manually choose any settings you like.

smart tree builder

Be Aware Of The Values


We wanted to make switching from previous generation tools and adding Deepsolver to your learning pipeline as simple and hassle-free as possible. Deepsolver supports the most popular range and hand formats and is compatible with any major software out there.

multi tasking

We designed Deepsolver from scratch with multitasking in mind. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily, seamlessly switch between tabs and processes (they can run in the background). You can import your daily hands for cooldown analysis and while it's being calculated you learn GTO live in our GTO Trainer. Sounds good?

expert support
Expert Support

To accommodate a quick start with the app we offer you 1-on-1 onboarding with our tutors and in-app chat, as well as personalized weekly solver tutoring sessions. Get help, advice and knowledge on specific topics with our webinars and blog articles and use 100% of Deepsolver's potential to crush your competition.

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Hand Import +

Import your hand history directly to Deepsolver (we support most popular formats) and analyze your game like never before!

Based on your hand library we automatically set your ranges and build a custom game tree - adjusted to you and your play history.

It's perfect for your cooldown routine when you want to analyze few hot spots and clear up some not-so-great hands. It's effortless, it's convenient, it's fast and hassle-free.

Don't learn GTO. Understand GTO!

hand import
founded background

Imagined by Pros
Designed for Pros

Deepsolver is founded and imagined by professional poker players, who brought out together a team of developers, AI engineers, data scientists and designers to redefine the experience of poker solvers. To change the game.

That claim and promise extend to the quality of service and support, your data privacy and safety as well as technical support and development commitment. We are here for the long term game.

Tech Partners

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