How to Utilize the Best GTO Poker Solver out There. A Quick Intro to Deepsolver


If you've arrived at the Deepsolver's blog, you are probably aware what is the purpose of poker solvers and how powerful tools they are. If not, we're happy to introduce you to these game-changing devices.

Solvers are poker software that provides its users with an unexploitable strategy based on a vast amount of calculations. If you follow such a strategy you are guaranteed not to lose to any opponent over a big enough sample. The emergence of the solver as a learning tool is probably the most important milestone in online poker, next to the invention of a poker hud.

Of course, in practice, the way GTO poker solvers work is much more nuanced, but their main goal is simple - they show you how poker is supposed to be played.

If you'd like to find out more about the solvers and the data they process, check out our article about how solvers work.

There is another, also highly popular, type of poker software: library apps. Library apps provide their users with enormous amounts of already solved hands. You don't have to input any data, you just look for the board that you are interested in and you get a premade strategy based on GTO.

Despite being convenient, poker tools such as library apps are limited in their functionalities as they do not allow you to toy with the data such as sizings or frequencies. You can find more about the differences between the 'traditional' poker solver and its library counterpart in our article in which we compare them.

Whichever tool you decide to use, they all have one thing in common. All modern poker tools are based on the Game Theory Optimal or GTO for short. As we've mentioned GTO poker strategy is unexploitable, so it cannot be bested. Being unexploitable, however, doesn't always mean that the particular strategy is the most profitable one. That's why in the poker world there are many advocates for using an exploitative strategy over a GTO one. What's our stance on that topic?

You will find it here in yet another article. Spoiler alert: we suggest taking the best qualities from both strategies.

Balancing in poker is hard, but not as hard as tightrope walking

The number one poker software in 2022: Deepsolver

With months of work under our belts, and constantly striving for optimization, we're proud to present you with Deepsolver. It's fast, potent and straightforward tool. The beginning of work with solvers is never easy though, that's why we'd like to walk you through the most important features of the Deepsolver.

The bread and butter of poker solvers: Custom solution

The Custom solution is the most important feature of Deepsolver. It allows you to solve almost any spot: from the trivial ones to the very complex hands with big stacks and many bet sizings included.

Whatever your goal is, the path to finding a GTO poker strategy starts with a choice: Custom or Smart setup. The first is a more traditional approach to how the poker solver works, while the latter is a more visual one, presenting you with a virtual poker table. Whichever you choose is up to your personal preference.

Custom setup: four easy steps to solve a spot

In both cases, you have to input the key data: board texture you are interested in, preflop ranges, stack sizes and the decision tree. There is a lot of room for customization; you can use our preset library of preflop ranges and modify them as you wish or build any range you like from the scratch.

There is also a lot of room to toy with the bet sizes. You can set up to five sizings, three raise sizes and two 4bet sizes. That's more than enough for almost any hand imaginable, especially for low stakes games, therefore we suggest starting with two bet sizes, one raise size and one 4bet size. A smaller game tree will help you to understand faster the logic behind the solver's results.

Smart, more visual, setup

While you use custom solutions to craft your own poker strategy, you also have to consider two things. When you solve a hand from cash games you should add rake values, which can change the solver output significantly. Moreover, if you solve a hand from a poker tournament, remember that while the result will still be very valuable, there might be some ICM implications to the hand, which Deepsolver does not take into account.

Let's take the search for an optimal strategy to a next level with Aggregated Flop Reports

After you master the custom solutions, the time will come for an even more potent feature of our poker solver - Aggregated Flop Reports. Such reports allow you to run multiple GTO solutions for many flops at once. The results let you see how optimal strategy changes on different board textures, with different stacks or stack-to-pot ratios (SPRs).

For example; it's a common knowledge in most poker games, that the preflop caller from the big blind is supposed to check flop to the aggressor. While this approach is accurate, there are some board textures and circumstances under which leading into the preflop raiser is theoretically correct.

Aggregated flop reports are a tool which allows you to identify such situations and other patterns that can be observed, and that's only one way in which Deepsolver improves your poker training.

A lot of flops to digest, but the work you put in will be worth it

Test your game theory knowledge in live action with GTO trainer

Over the years poker software did not give you an opportunity to practice the knowledge in real-time. Deepsolver, as one of the newest poker GTO solvers, knows better. Let's look at the functionality called a GTO Trainer.

GTO Trainer is an interactive poker tool created to test your skills in a simulation of online games.

We've prepared two modes for you: Educational and Challenge.

The Educational mode focuses on studying. While using it you'll be presented with one table and you'll be able to look at prepared aids. With them, you'll have everything you need to find the best solution for any hand.

A easy way to study how GTO works in reality

If you choose Challenge mode, you will be able to test yourself at up to four tables, just like during a regular online poker session. You will have less additional information available, as, well, it is supposed to be a challenge. Don't worry though, you'll still be able to take your pace while choosing the best strategies.

Up to four table at once to test your knowledge

Whichever mode you chose you'll be able to train on different board structures (random or predefined), with custom bet sizings and pretty much any part of the hand customized to your preferences.

It doesn't stop there - we constantly develop Deepsolver to improve your poker training

Did we mention that Deepsolver uses cloud computing? This is a truly key feature for many. Thanks to it, you do not need a powerful PC to use Deepsolver, in fact, you only need a working PC with Internet access and a web browser. The technology we use provides you with the GTO solutions in a matter of seconds without involving your PC's computing power.

We designed Deepsolver to be as user-friendly as possible. Whether you just started to improve your game or you're high stakes aficionado, we believe that our poker solver will develop your game quickly.

Of course, we won't stop here. We're aiming for new functionalities, and soon we'll introduce the possibility to import your hands, which will speed up the learning process even more.

We hope that we've convinced you that Deepsolver is the future of poker software. You can check it out yourself by using our 7 days free trial.

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