Why Should You Choose Deepsolver over Other GTO Poker Tools?


Every year, poker software is getting better, faster and more accurate. Firstly the introduction of poker hud and tracking software, then the invention of poker solver, changed the poker game as we know it. Nowadays, GTO poker tools are the prime way to learn, and there are many to choose from. We know it's a challenging choice for many poker players, so we'd like to make it easier.

In this article, we'll show you why we believe Deepsolver is the best poker software on the market.

Chosing right is an important poker skill

We are constantly developing Deepsolver based on three basic principles.

Ideal poker solver should be fast

Poker can be a very entertaining yet complex and time-consuming activity. Let's be honest; what every poker player loves the most is playing the game. However, without studying, you are doomed to be a losing player; whether we talk about online poker or live environment, there's just no way around that.

That's why the sooner you start working with a solver, the better. Whichever poker solver you choose, it'll likely be the most powerful poker tool at your disposal. Historically the biggest flaw of almost any solver, including the most popular one - PioSolver, was the time it needed to perform necessary calculations. Depending on the broadness of the preflop ranges, the number of bet sizes, and the stacks allocated to both players, solving a hand could take a few minutes to even a few hours.

While the answers are worth the time, studying GTO poker strategy in such fashion is a challenging task. Not only it's time-consuming, but it requires you to invest in a solid PC required to run complex simulations, which might be a steep requirement if you are playing low-stakes games.

We've been aware of these issues and wanted a more efficient way to craft poker strategies. That's why we've elected to use cloud computing for our game theory optimal software, and we've achieved two great outcomes:

  • You do not need a powerful computer to take advantage of everything Deepsolver offers. It runs all calculations on external servers, and you only need access to a web browser.
  • You get the result of any simulation you run in seconds. Our algorithms are optimized really diligently, and as a result, no other solver on the market is as fast as Deepsolver.
Deepsolver is fast, and we mean really fast

Ideal poker software should be accessible

While powerful, almost all poker solvers on the market struggle in terms of accessibility. Since its beginning, most poker software tools were, well… ugly, and solvers were no exception to that. Admittedly, attractive visuals are not the most important aspect of poker tools, but many people learn the fastest through visual stimulation.

A clean and transparent user interface allows our clients to learn more quickly and makes interactions with Deepsolver pleasant. Even the most devoted players would get tired on their quest for optimal strategy if they constantly have to look at dozens of indistinguishable charts, squares and graphs.

That's why we like to keep the overall look of our poker solver simple. Of course, we're aware that different people have different preferences, so we also allow you to create your own theme with the colours of your choice.

That's not all; we're constantly monitoring your feedback and tweaking Deepsolver accordingly.

Studying with Deepsolver won't give you a headache

The best poker software should be useful

Simplifying it by a lot, most poker tools are very complex calculators, and it's no surprise that their main goal is to be accurate. However, it is important to understand that accuracy is not as important as the usefulness for an average poker player. Results provided by poker tools tend to be complex and, consequently, quite hard to implement perfectly at the poker table.

We know that it's more important to understand how a strategy based on GTO works than to try to follow it blindly, and that's why we included Simplify option. Using it, you'll be able to cut the least used sizing in every calculation and prepare a simpler-to-use yet still unexploitable poker strategy.

We're aware that most of our users do not play high stakes cash games, and while Deepsolver is an excellent aid for HS crushers, we develop our tool to be as accessible as possible, even to people playing micro stakes.

Whether you're a veteran player or have no previous experience with the solvers, we invite you to watch our series of quick tutorial videos that you can find on our YouTube channel. They'll seamlessly show you how to use Deepsolver and take full advantage of it.

Deepsolver - the Joker of poker solvers' world

Today's poker tools have a lot of potential

Deepsolver is a game changer in the solver's world. You won't master it overnight, but if you put work into it, you'll soon understand when to lean towards GTO and when to use an exploitative strategy.

Of course, there is way more to explore. On our blog, you'll find other articles about the intricacies of GTO. Check them out:

Take advantage of our free trial if you still need to determine whether Deepsolver suits you. Right now, you can try Deepsolver for seven days for free!